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Washington, we need to talk.

It’s a topic we love to hate, but as Tax Day rolled around, we decided to talk with twelve Washingtonians about taxes. We all know there’s a lot to love about Washington state – our beautiful outdoors, world-renowned coffee, and innovative economy. For most of us, there’s nowhere we’d rather live, work, or raise a family. But in one area, our innovative spirit hasn’t come through – our tax code. It’s the most upside-down tax code in the nation. We ask Washingtonians with the least to pay the most, while those at the top get a special deal. Most folks aren’t aware of how that causes some serious challenges in our state. Many schools lack resources to educate our students; roads and bridges need repair; and quality healthcare is hard to find in too many communities. All those things are directly related to how we pay taxes in Washington. Watch and join the conversation as regular Washingtonians talk awkwardly about taxes.

What's wrong with our tax code?

What kind of state do you want to live in?

Why pay taxes?

Why should I care about the tax code?